A Passion to Know Him

Almost everyone knows the story of the birth of Jesus Christ up until His crucifixion, but few believers actually have a relationship with Him or has a passion to know Him.

Many times, Christians get carried away with Church activities, mundane things and personal pursuits that we rarely think of Jesus until a desperate situation arises. (Luke 6:46; John 14:8-13).

A Passion to Know Him

We give many excuses why we think God wouldn’t want to make Himself known to us, but regardless of such excuses; God still used some people in the Bible despite what they thought of themselves or what people labeled them with, simply because these individuals had a passion to know Him so God used them for His glory.

God does not need to conduct an interview to choose whom He uses, neither does He look out for people who are financially established, because when you desire to know the King of kings and the Lord of lords and the enemy accuses you of not being “worthy”…Jesus Christ steps in on your behalf simply because He is all you need.

If we love Him, if we hunger for Him, He will reveal himself to us in spite of who we are or where we’ve been. (Rom. 10:13).

Who Do You See in Your Spiritual Mirror?

As Christians, your focus in life should be to know God through His Son Jesus which is achievable through the following principles:
1. Make knowing God our PRIORITY: (Mark. 12:30)
2. Show ENTHUSIASM: (Phil. 3:8)
3. Make SANCTIFICATION a part of you: (Rom. 12:1-2)
4. Study God’s word to get a different PERSPECTIVE: (Phil. 3:10)
5. Be truly COMMITTED to the things of God: (II Tim. 1:11-12)

Do not let the pleasures and opportunities of this world rob you off the treasures of knowing Jesus. It’s time to count it all as loss and pursue after Him.

Above all, know that the first and major step to knowing God is to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Saviour. God is ready to receive you and turn things around for your good only if you develop the passion to know Him starting from today.

My prayer is that as true Christians, we will step out of our comfort zones to understand who God is and develop a passion to know Him. As we know Him the more I pray every limitation in your life will be destroyed in Jesus name.

By: Deac. ‘Femi Sedenu

RCCG Maranatha International Parish, Dubai