Amazing Shepherd

What an amazing privilege to be associated with the Lord Jesus Christ, the amazing shepherd.

As an extraordinary shepherd, he bonds with his own “sheep” and offers great opportunities for all his “sheep” regardless of their location and circumstances in life.

The Lord is My Shepherd

No wonder those who know him celebrate him always. Psalm 23 gives insight into the inexhaustible blessings contained in him being your shepherd and how you can access and stay connected to these blessings every day and season of your live.

The Psalmist opens the chapter with a simple but powerful personalized statement “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”.

The importance of this word for David and indeed all who will connect with this statement is the discovery of the “El Shaddai”. The Lord who supplies all needs and closes up doors leading to leaks or lack and unfulfillment.

The Lord Who Supplies All Needs

This is simply reassuring, categorical and beautiful. The knowledge an individual holds of the shepherd determine whether you will receive from him or not at any given time.

The earth is the Lords – Psalm 24. The entire universe rich and beautiful belong to the amazing shepherd and he is willing to lead you to where your pasture will remain evergreen.

Stay with the amazing shepherd, make him your shepherd and he will minimize your losses in the days and months ahead in a way nobody else can. He will keep the bears and the lions of this world away from you this year and forever.

Let someone praise the Lord.

Pastor Charles Adegoke
Special Assistant to the General Overseer Middle East