When you read 1 Kg. 18: 30-32, you will discover that before Elijah prayed, he did two things. Firstly, he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down. Secondly, he built a new altar to the Lord. God is waiting to answer your prayers. If you have backslidden, you need to repair the altar of God in your heart, come back to God. If you have drifted far from him, come back to God.

Several prophecies went out at the beginning of this year In the international scene God said power will change hands.

See what is happening in the world; see how many people that nobody thought can ever lose power have already lost power because God said so. The same God said “wealth will change hands” It is the same God who says desperate prayers will receive mighty answers. When God says something, get ready for it.
And there are certain things that should be happening now that are not yet happening because some hearts are away from him, or some hearts are not even with him at all.

He answers prayers all the time.  He can do much more than you can ask but until you ask, He is not going to give it to you. He said you have not because you ask not, so I want you to pray with all your heart.

  • Worship Him generously; spend quality time just worshipping him. Call him by all the names you know. (The rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, my Husband, the Lover of my soul, the soon coming King. Call him by all the names you can think of)
  • Thank Him for all He had done for you and don’t please don’t forget all those things that we take for granted (thank Him that you can still see, thank Him that you can still hear, thank Him that you can still speak, thank Him that when you want to eat they don’t have to feed you; you can put the food in your mouth yourself, thank Him that you don’t have to beg before you wear clothe. Thank Him that you are not in hospital today, thank Him that you are not in an asylum.
  • Say Father; you always answer those who worship you, please answer me now. Say father; you are the one who said that I should be fruitful and multiply, make me abundantly fruitful. (Then you can add physically, spiritually and otherwise)
  • Father, you promise all who go out to witness for you that whatever they ask you will give to them, now I am asking give to me.  (List all you want to ask, is it promotion? Is it breakthrough? Is it success? Is it anointing? Is it marriage this year? Whatever is it you want, you can put them in. Because come day light am going out witnessing for you). Father, you are the one who said you have come that I may have life and have it more abundantly; from now on let me begin to enjoy your abundance in every area of my life.

God bless,

Pastor Efema Akioya